Rules and Regulations
1 Regulation on the dividend
2 Procedures for holding of shareholders' meetings.
3 Company code
4 Regulation of operation for the board of directors
5 Regulation of the committee of the board of directors
6 Regulation for executive management 
7 Regulation of branch 
8 Regulation for the organization of internal control
9 Internal labor regulation
10 Regulation on media organization and public relations
11 Human resource policy document
12 Employee selection regulation
13 Ethics regulation
14 Regulation of public council operation
15 Information technology security regulation
16 Additional contracts regulation
17 Contracts regulation
18 Regulation for training 
19 On providing employees with aid, allowance, compensation, and support
20 On amendments to the regulation
21 Procurement of goods and services regulation
22 Regulation for evaluating employee performance 
23 Regulation for evaluating employee performance /appendix/
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