“Erdenes-Tavantolgoi” JSC was established on December 23, 2010 by the joint decree of the Parliament and Government of Mongolia solely for the purpose of utilizing the Tavantolgoi deposit for the benefit of the citizens of Mongolia. Under this mandate, the main objective of “Erdenes-Tavantolgoi” JSC is to utilize and develop the strategic deposit, implement innovation and introduce environmentally friendly practices and technology for low cost production and produce high grade coking and thermal coal products for global markets.
In order to achieve this objective of becoming a leading global mining conglomerate, the Government of Mongolia and “Erdenes-Tavantolgoi” JSC are fully committed to raising capital from international markets for development and implementation of infrastructure projects that would add significant value to not only the company and Tavantolgoi deposit but become an engine for regional and national economic growth. 
The Tavantolgoi deposit itself boasts over 7.4 billion tons of coking and thermal coal reserve in accordance with JORC standards to become one of the largest undeveloped coal deposits in the world.   Strategically located in the South Govi province of Mongolia and within close proximity to the Chinese markets, the Tavantolgoi deposit with over 5.1 billion tons of coking coal and 2.3 billion tons are thermal coal is a vast project that attracts interest from international markets.
The company not only engages in extraction and sales of coking and thermal coal from the Tsankhi section of the deposit but also invests into logistics projects including coal transportation road and railway, CHPP and related projects.  Furthermore, Erdenes Tavantolgoi JSC is fully engaged in deposit survey and geological research studies and collaborates with multinational companies and investments banks for capital raising and share issuance in both domestic and international capital markets. 


Published: 2019-08-07, 15:56:5