I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the miners, employees, contractor miners and shareholders of the “Erdenes-Tavantolgoi” Joint Stock Company.
In 2018, the company exceeded 2 to 3 folds all planned goals and lead in many criteria.  On July 2018, we produced 40 million tons of coal. Then today we wrote a new history by producing our 50th million tons of coal. This is the result of the effective work of all our employees, especially miners. I would like to once again express my gratitude and congratulate all the miners of the “Erdenes-Tavantolgoi” JSC  and its contractors on this historic day.
2019 has been announced as the “Year of construction”. By decision, the State Great Khural and Government of Mongolia were assigned to conduct an IPO by selling up to 30 percent of the company shares on the international and domestic stock markets. The ministry of mining and heavy industry and the executive management of the company are working hard to organize the preparation of a successful launch of IPO on one week, one day, one hour earlier than  scheduled. By launching an IPO will create a source of financing for major projects such as a coal washing plant, conveyor system, water supply, a coke chemical plant, a road, and railway construction. In addition, the company will build new camps for its employees, office buildings, school, and kindergarten. 2019 will be the year of construction, development and the beginning of a new history for the company. Let's create a history together.
May “Erdenes-Tavantolgoi” JSC always be the “mine site with good news”.
Published: 2019-09-06, 17:10:4