Based upon the Article 76.1.8 and Article 81.5.1 of the Mongolian Company Law, Article 1.2 of Government Resolution No. 345 of 2021 and Resolution No. 97 of the Board Meeting of Erdenes Mongol LLC on “Operating Procedure of the Executive Director,” the selection process for the Chief Executive Officer of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC is hereby announced.


Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC is a state-owned business entity that holds a mining license at the Tavantolgoi coal deposit, established in 2010 under the Government Resolution No. 272. Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC is Mongolia’s leading coal producer and exporter, contributing significantly to the national budget revenue and foreign exchange reserves. The company also engages in the construction and financing of the establishment of a coal washing plant, water supply, railway, and oil pipeline.

At the end of 2022, when Mongolia's balance of payments deficit was high, a special regime was established for Erdenes Tavantolgoi JSC under Government Resolution No. 385 of 2022 to increase foreign exchange inflows and ensure the implementation of Government Resolution No. 362 of 2022. During the special regime, the government appointed a Special Plenipotentiary to strengthen the company's operations, management, structure, balance sheet, and revenue. 

The implementation of a special regime at Erdenes Tavantolgoi JSC led to increased profits, rigorous adherence to financial discipline, facilitated trading of mining and sale of coal through the stock exchange and under border conditions, optimized transportation logistics, boosted sales and exports, ensured transparency, and enhanced corporate governance through intensified project initiatives. These efforts significantly contributed to the economic growth of Mongolia.

Erdenes Tavantolgoi JSC is working to successfully implement coal washing plant, water supply, and railway construction projects in the near future, increasing export volume, producing value-added products, lowering transportation costs, and reducing the negative environmental impact of production activities. In order to ensure the implementation of the Mining Product Exchange Law of Mongolia and to support transparent and fair-trading mechanisms, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC has undertaken activities to sell its coal through an electronic auction system organized by the Mongolian Stock Exchange starting in 2023.  

A subsidiary of Erdenes Mongol Group, which collects the revenue of the Sovereign Wealth Fund, Erdenes Tavantolgoi JSC strives to become the region's top mining business by reforming its governance and core activities, incorporating and standardizing the world's best techniques and technologies into production operations, and establishing an independent and autonomous management structure.


1.    The candidate must possess the essential skills, knowledge, education, and work experience required to fulfill the role of the CEO;
2.    The candidate and any affiliated party must not have had a business relationship with the company in the last 3 years and have no conflict of interest;
3.    An affiliated party of the candidate should not have held an authorized position in the company, or its subsidiary companies in the last 3 years;
4.    The candidate must be free of any overdue debts at commercial banks;
5.    The candidate must be free of debt to individuals and legal enitities by a court decision;
6.    The candidate must not have had their right to hold a certain position or engage in activities revoked by a court decision or subjected to punishment.


1.    Graduate or higher degree in fields of Business Administration, Mining Engineering, Finance, Economics, or Project Management; a higher degree obtained from a foreign university will be considered an advantage; 
2.    At least 15 years of professional working experience, with at least 5 years of experience in senior management positions at the decision-making level of state-owned and parastatal entities, the private sector, and government organizations;
3.    Experience in significant business deals, leading large-scale projects, implementing and executing management, and ensuring coordination between the group, the government, and the business sectors;
4.    Demonstrated knowledge and experience of engaging in the policies, productions, projects, and development of the mining industry; 
5.    Experience in negotiations and successful implementation of financing and attracting foreign investment in large-scale projects;
6.    Fluency in written and spoken English; proficiency in Mandarin will be considered an advantage;
7.    Demonstrated organizational management skills, leadership, teamwork, creative thinking, highly ethical and ability to undertake workload;
8.    Demonstrated knowledge in social, economic, foreign markets, competition, and risk management; ability to identify risk;
9.    Prevent and be free from political influence and conflicts of interest.


1.    Application for participating in the selection process (write the application letter for participating in the selection process and express about your knowledge, skills, and experience);
2.    Resume (Form 1, 2022) and brief biography;
3.    Statement of job status (obtain a statement from at least 2 organizations where the candidate worked, along with information about the work performed by the candidate);
4.    Social insurance payment reference; 
5.    Educational diploma, professional license and copy of certificate of participation in training seminars, (with certified translation if graduated from a foreign university);
6.    Copy of National ID;
7.    Proof of non-conflict of interest and a guarantee form stating that they meet common requirements;
8.    No due certificate of loans, guarantees or statement that there is no overdue debt under the guarantee agreement;
9.    Certificate of no criminal conviction;
10.    References and other additional materials to determine whether the candidate has met the general and essential requirements.


1.    The composition of the applicant's materials and their compliance with the general and essential requirements for the position will be evaluated, and the 5 participants with the highest ratings will be sent to the interview test.
2.    The materials of the 3 participants who received the highest rate in the interview test will be presented to the Board of Directors.
3.    The Board of Directors will select the Chief Executive Officer from the 3 participants with the highest ratings and sign the contract.


1.    Materials of candidates to participating in the selection process will be received at the building of Erdenes Mongolia LLC until 09.00 am on May 29, 2024, by e-mail or in paper form. (Erdenes Mongol LLC, Baga Toiruu, 1st khoroo Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
2.    For additional information, please call (976) 99041441, (976) 80115387.
3.    Email: 3.


1.    The documents must be sealed, and the exterior of the envelope should clearly display the candidate's residential address, contact telephone number, and the nominating company's name.
2.    For electronic submissions, all application materials should be combined into a single PDF file. For paper submissions, only one set of selection materials should be placed in each envelope. /The list of attached materials and the total number of pages must be clearly indicated/
3.    Application documents will not be returned after the selection process.
4.    Submissions received after the deadline will be rejected.
5.    In the case of missing documents, the application will be excluded from the selection process.
6.    Candidates who meet the selection criteria will be contacted.